A rejuvenating rebrand for the all but forgotten fast-food seafood chain, Long John Silver's. Once a popular destination for seafood, over the past few decades, LJS has sunken into obscurity. This rebrand aims to breathe life back into the brand and attract a new generation of customers. To speak to a young generation full of self-expression and personality, Long John Silver's has to be rich with life and energy.
Providing free advertising and an endless amount of interaction, distinguishable take-out packaging is essential for any fast food restaurant. With bold and striking colors, Long John Silver's packaging aims to be proudly carried around and even act as an accessory.
Sometimes carrying around a bold, attention-grabbing LJS box isn't enough. Long John Silver's is ready to satisfy customers' self-expression needs by supplying a refreshing line of merchandise they can proudly wear.​​​​​​​
Long John Silver's wants its customers to know they are more than consumers. They are their seafood-loving community. Providing opportunities for sweet deals or free items, LJS' online presence will create active and fun interaction between brand and customer.
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