I created an identity for the made-up goth horror show, House of Egress. Influenced by media like The Haunting of Hill House and Candyman, I aimed to create an identity that evoked beauty and dread.
Surrealist imagery and ominous language set the tone for a story about power and death.
To engage with viewers, House of Egress uses title cards to cryptically tease what's to come next. The title cards build suspense by setting up the narrative and highlighting the key character of each episode.
To create a stronger presence in fans' lives, House of Egress is available in physical form. As a thank you to fans, the physical box comes with postcard-sized title card printouts.
A goth horror is not complete without its dark and moody soundtrack. House of Egress offers a limited edition vinyl, full of iconic 80s and modern goth rock featured in pivotal points of the show.
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